Monday, January 6, 2014

Heavy Heart

As we bear these ridiculous temperatures of -20, my heart is so heavy for all of those without shelter. Last night I couldn’t sleep thinking of how many homeless people in just Columbus, Ohio alone would die of hypothermia. The news keeps saying how there are so many shelters these people can go to. I must say i know this is not true. Even if all the doors were open, there is NOT enough room. I wish I lived in the type of society/community where you could open your door to anyone. But you can’t do that because the fear of someone hurting you and your family. I just pray God can give shelter to those who really need it and are suffering. Also, I HATE when people say, “they did it to themsleves”. How can you say that? Even if they are on the streets because of a drug addiction, do you have no sympathy or compassion? Anywho, getting off my soapbox. Stay warm people!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The school life...

Well I have not updated in a long while. A lot has happened since my last entry. My beautiful baby nephew was born, I started a new job, I became a full time student, and that's about all the highlights. It's pretty sad when two of those highlights was work and school. I had never before worked a full time job and gone to school full time. No time for yourself, at all. My schedule consistently is this...M-Th. school..Fri-Sun. Work 3 twelve hr shifts. It sucks the life out of me. But, I am pleased to say it is finals week next week! I am currently studying in bed for finals with Bobby, and we realized the only fun thing we did today was go to Rally's. While this quarter is almost to a halt, I realized after so much complaining, that this is a lot of people's lives, and they are so grateful. To add to this schedule, most have kids as well. So, why am I complaining about being soooo busy? I think it is just the fact that I love "me" time where I can relax all day and not have a million things to do. But overall, I am very thankful that I only have one class next quarter, so I will be enjoying a lot of "me" time :):)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Looking for a Hobby...

So, I have quickly realized only working three twelve hour shifts a week that I have four days off and I have nothing to do. Bobby’s first response was get a hobby. Well, I will be starting school soon in a couple of weeks but i will only be taking a class or two. So what do I do in my spare time? I googled hobbies on the web and found some interesting ones. Running, Knitting, Cooking, Gardening, Volunteering, Reading,  and Scrap booking. To be honest I am not a very crafty, domestic type of girl so knitting, cooking, and scrap booking are ruled out for me. I would enjoy running I think but it seems I can never get the motivation to go. Reading would just keep me in the house and I want to get out of the house. I do like to garden i just don’t really know how. So maybe that would be a good one. I also have a lady named Helen I used to take care of at the nursing home and I really want to consistently start visiting her. So after thinking out loud gardening and volunteering it is! Now, maybe I will get Bobby to make me a box in the yard to start with. And, go to the library to find some books for starters? wish me luck!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

God bless those who serve..

My Husband

Us the day he left for Afghanistan 6/15/09

As we all know, Monday was Memorial Day. What does memorial day mean to you? What does it mean to me?
I believe memorial day is a day to reflect on all those who have served, are still serving, and will in the future. It is THE biggest sacrifice anyone can make. Before I married a soldier, I never knew anyone in the military, I avoided any topic dealing with war because I thought it did not affect me. Sadly, a lot of people think this way. I think if you don't know anyone and you're not surrounded with war, deployment, and death then you think you are far away from it. The truth is every American should rally around their communitites to support these men and women. You never know how much they need it until you know a soldier who is thousands of miles away fighting for you. My husband was deployed for fourteen months and if it wasn't for family and everyone in the communities support, I wouldn't have made it. So many church people and friends of the family sent Bobby and the troops anything they could possibly need to make their time there a little more bearable. So, next time you see a yellow ribbon tied around a tree, or a mom wearing her sons button on her jacket, or a wife raising three little girls by herself, say a little prayer of thanks and bless those who serve:)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

healthy hearts

I have titled this blog healthy hearts because I am dedicating myself to a healthy lifestyle. I have realized that eating unhealthy and not excercising is causing me fatigue and depression. Not to mention an unhealthy and unhappy heart. So i went to the grocery today and bought all organic and healthy foods. I made dinner tonight; spinach salad, chicken, veggies, and drank water with lemon. Surprisingly, it was very tasty and filling;) I am beginning frequent running and roller blading as well. I can't wait to officially begin my healthy ways today:) Hopefully I can stick to it. Wish me luck:)

Monday, May 16, 2011

new beginnings...

So, I have given in to blogging. I used to blog a lot in highschool and then stopped since facebook became so popular. Now it's back again! I have titled this blog new beginnings because this weekend Bobby and I are moving to Newark to finish nursing school. We will be living with his grandfather so we can save money and also be there for him when he needs us. Next week I start orientation at Grant Hospital! I got the call last week that I got the job. I am so thankful to be able to gain more experience and pursue my passion of nursing. Sadly, I left the nursing home I was working at for three years:( I grew so close to the patients there but I knew I had to move on. My twin sister Hope is almost 6 months pregnant and Wendesday her and Josh find out the sex of the baby:) So with a new home, school, job, and addition to the family, here's to new beginnings:)

my sister Hope's growing belly:)