Monday, May 16, 2011

new beginnings...

So, I have given in to blogging. I used to blog a lot in highschool and then stopped since facebook became so popular. Now it's back again! I have titled this blog new beginnings because this weekend Bobby and I are moving to Newark to finish nursing school. We will be living with his grandfather so we can save money and also be there for him when he needs us. Next week I start orientation at Grant Hospital! I got the call last week that I got the job. I am so thankful to be able to gain more experience and pursue my passion of nursing. Sadly, I left the nursing home I was working at for three years:( I grew so close to the patients there but I knew I had to move on. My twin sister Hope is almost 6 months pregnant and Wendesday her and Josh find out the sex of the baby:) So with a new home, school, job, and addition to the family, here's to new beginnings:)

my sister Hope's growing belly:)


  1. Yay! Keep us posted. Good luck with the move, hope everything works out for you two! Are you both going to school in Newark for nursing?

  2. thank you amber! i will keep posted. yes bobby has been going for awhile now and im starting this summer, my last two years.

  3. aw tand! i gotta figure out how to put pictures on!