Monday, January 6, 2014

Heavy Heart

As we bear these ridiculous temperatures of -20, my heart is so heavy for all of those without shelter. Last night I couldn’t sleep thinking of how many homeless people in just Columbus, Ohio alone would die of hypothermia. The news keeps saying how there are so many shelters these people can go to. I must say i know this is not true. Even if all the doors were open, there is NOT enough room. I wish I lived in the type of society/community where you could open your door to anyone. But you can’t do that because the fear of someone hurting you and your family. I just pray God can give shelter to those who really need it and are suffering. Also, I HATE when people say, “they did it to themsleves”. How can you say that? Even if they are on the streets because of a drug addiction, do you have no sympathy or compassion? Anywho, getting off my soapbox. Stay warm people!

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