Saturday, December 3, 2011

The school life...

Well I have not updated in a long while. A lot has happened since my last entry. My beautiful baby nephew was born, I started a new job, I became a full time student, and that's about all the highlights. It's pretty sad when two of those highlights was work and school. I had never before worked a full time job and gone to school full time. No time for yourself, at all. My schedule consistently is this...M-Th. school..Fri-Sun. Work 3 twelve hr shifts. It sucks the life out of me. But, I am pleased to say it is finals week next week! I am currently studying in bed for finals with Bobby, and we realized the only fun thing we did today was go to Rally's. While this quarter is almost to a halt, I realized after so much complaining, that this is a lot of people's lives, and they are so grateful. To add to this schedule, most have kids as well. So, why am I complaining about being soooo busy? I think it is just the fact that I love "me" time where I can relax all day and not have a million things to do. But overall, I am very thankful that I only have one class next quarter, so I will be enjoying a lot of "me" time :):)

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  1. I have been there! The best thing to remember is that it will pass, this is just a season for you and like every season it will change. Good luck with everything, hope you find more "me" time!