Monday, June 6, 2011

Looking for a Hobby...

So, I have quickly realized only working three twelve hour shifts a week that I have four days off and I have nothing to do. Bobby’s first response was get a hobby. Well, I will be starting school soon in a couple of weeks but i will only be taking a class or two. So what do I do in my spare time? I googled hobbies on the web and found some interesting ones. Running, Knitting, Cooking, Gardening, Volunteering, Reading,  and Scrap booking. To be honest I am not a very crafty, domestic type of girl so knitting, cooking, and scrap booking are ruled out for me. I would enjoy running I think but it seems I can never get the motivation to go. Reading would just keep me in the house and I want to get out of the house. I do like to garden i just don’t really know how. So maybe that would be a good one. I also have a lady named Helen I used to take care of at the nursing home and I really want to consistently start visiting her. So after thinking out loud gardening and volunteering it is! Now, maybe I will get Bobby to make me a box in the yard to start with. And, go to the library to find some books for starters? wish me luck!

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